About us

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Welcome to Hennen Arts Photography!


Experience unique moments, passion and emotions. Moments that move you and are held for eternity.

Our focus is on photos from the fields of people, landscape and event photography. For an extraordinary eye-catcher and as a special highlight for the viewer, our photos are characterized by an artistic adaptation, matching the desired image mood. For us, the focus is on the fact that “reveling in memories” gets a very special meaning.

During a portrait shoot, you can also enjoy the advantage of being photographed directly at home. Because we also like to come to your home with our equipment (mobile photo studio) in order to implement your wishes with you in a relaxed atmosphere.

We are photographed both in the Ruhr area and on the Costa Brava in Spain. On request, we also come to other regions.

Whether a shoot with you alone, with friends, with your bandmates, at a concert or other events – contact us without obligation if you are interested. We look forward to seeing you!

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