Hennen Arts

Photography & Videography

Experience special moments, passion and emotion. We create the material to keep them for eternity.

What we deliver:

Our main focus is photography and videography, especially in the fields of landscape and real estate.
We are working around the Costa Brava (Spain) as well as around Germany. For other locations, just contact us and we try to find a solution.

Interested? Just send us a message with information about your project.

Real estate photos & videos

Help selling / renting out objects. Adding emotional videos and high quality photos of your properties to your marketing mix will bring you a lot of advantages compared to offering photos or virtual tours only. 
Photos and 360° virtual tours show a potential client what an object looks like. 
Videos as an addition offer an emotional layer on top of that by merging the presentation of the object through high quality video sequences with catching music. We offer professional photos as well as emotional videos.

Why our main focus is on professional videos


Find some landscape photos we took and check out our style of shooting below! 

If you are interested in our 2021 calendars of Costa Brava (Spain) or Berchtesgadener Land (Germany),
you can find more information end of October.

Contact us

Tel: +49 173 7638460

Email: info@hennen-arts.de

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