10 good resolutions for the new year

Everyone has them, the good intentions
Good intentions, everyone knows them and everyone has them. As soon as the year ends, many people are thinking about how they can “improve” their lives in the coming year. Because at the end of December / beginning of January you usually feel highly motivated and set out to do thousands of things better. Popular intentions are to exercise more, eat healthier, drink less alcohol, spend more time with family, or smoke less. In the following, however, you will find some resolutions of a different kind. It’s about travel and holidays – because we can switch off and recharge our batteries. So why not incorporate that and everything that goes with it into his goals and his plans? The proposals listed include health, personal development and social contacts. And one thing is certain: on holiday it’s also a lot of fun! Perhaps we can give one or the other a few ideas in the following.
10 good resolutions for the new year:

  • go for more walking, hiking or swimming on holiday.
  • find people you go on holiday with and enjoy the time together
  • talk to others about holiday resorts / day trips and try something new from it
  • stay on holiday one day longer than last year
  • watch less TV and generally use less electric devices when you’re on holiday
  • discover the nature and culture of the country you are in
  • bring your loved one something from your holiday that you’ve never brought before
  • write at least 3 postcards to dear people who do not expect
  • more relaxation: get out by boat or enjoy the time on the beach
  • try a new activity on holiday

Where will your next holiday go with the new intentions?
Soon the holiday season is coming up again. What do you like with me good intentions? Have you planned something that you can implement in your next holiday?