😈Lost Place: Abandoned Places in Denmark – abandoned (1/2)

Lost Place: abandoned places in Denmark – abandoned

Smashed windows, doors that have been opened, some of the walls are no longer intact. Welcome to a Lost Place – in Denmark.

In the front area there is a large hall.

Around the whole building and also inside you can see a lot of graffiti.

Nature is slowly retaking what it owns…

Trees are growing the building.

A locked door that is still open.

Here the big hall again from the other side.

From this side, the abandoned building is somehow reminiscent of a ghost house.

Afterwards we were there again in the summer. Due to the many leaves and shrubs, Lost Place was much more protected.

If you look inside, you can see that the plaster has already come down in part. There is everything possible in the room: a part of the ceiling, some wood, shards and much more.

More pictures from the area can be found in part 2, which we took for you in the summer.